"Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you" [Matthew 6:33]

Monday, December 12, 2011

How a Ball point pen works

Doing the Hard Stuff

As discovery exists, development follows. And as development follows, a new discovery exists. There’s no way out to control everything that happens to exist as human mind continually explores. Thus, it’s not quite- surprising why everything we simply sense leads to a new invention. The ballpoint pen is just one of human being’s products of invention. Yet, as history divulges its trace, a pen or a ball pen still came from simple existence that becomes an improvised writing instrument. From its simple figure and parts, conceals a complex task of mechanism.
A ballpoint pen (modern writing instrument) is a pen with a small rotating ball made of metal to disperse ink as we write. This consists of ink, socket, reservoir or the tube and the ball. The ink is placed inside a plastic tube- looks like a stick; at the single top bottom connects the socket; and at the end part is tightened the small ball (not totally end, but between the ink reservoir and socket).
Now, the goal of this pen is to create a device that can distribute a fast-drying thick ink, without having the ink dry out of the pen itself. So the key is the ball. The ball acts as a continuous cap that keeps the ink from drying and it’s a mechanism for getting the ink into the paper. A hard task –one, to keep the ink dry, second, to get the ink out. Additionally, the ball is made of metal to compensate with solid and gas when used and unused. That’s why it’s not made of cartoon or foam. However, it’s not that of a ball’s responsibility where we could rely on. The socket holds the ball in tight as at the same time doing its task to help the ball roll around as we write. The socket seems unimportant, yet, its function is the same as the ball. It’s just that it is hard to visualize how it works with the ball. The half portion of the ball is held by the socket, and the back is exposed so it can pick up the ink reservoir.  That’s why the ball fits into the socket with just enough space to move freely. That’s the role of the socket. It’s somewhat a half-orbital little figure around the ball which we might say we cannot locate it inside. Also, through the socket relies the effectiveness of the pen’s ink which it doesn’t easily losses from the tube. That’s why there are pen that losses the balance of the ink when scratched on the paper. Some easily dries out; some easily flows without control. Lastly, the ink itself. We might say that the ink can actually be put into whatever pen we may prefer to choose. However, it plays much subtle when used on a ball point pen where it really works effectively and no-sweat. The ink finds its place where it can keep the balance of viscosity. That’s why a fountain pen ink is ineffective for easy writing for the viscosity of its ink is low. To make it clear, the ink has to live in a house where it apt to survive.
In using, it is the simplest conclusion as it facilitates its routine through the principle of physics:
As the pen moves across the paper, the ball turns and gravity forces the ink down the reservoir and onto the ball where it is transferred into the paper. It’s the rolling mechanism that allows the ink to flow onto the top of the ball and roll onto the paper we’re writing on while at the same time sealing the ink from the air so it does not dry in the reservoir. The ink, the socket and the ball are the main characters behind this. Developing a simple device into an invented complex machine. Doing the hard staff.

Monday, December 5, 2011

First Entry for Reading Process [Nothing Lasts Forever by Sidney Sheldon]

Part 1 

1. Reaction : I was really awestruck after discovering Paige Taylor's husband to be was Jason Curtis. I really thought Alfred Turner would be her future partner whom she had poured out all her dreams when they were young. Every chapter brings an exaggerating revelation making out rolling twists I could not have imagined. 
At the last Chapter, I felt there was no chance for Paige to win the case filed against her. She underwent euthanasia. The case was really down ended if were also to see it. No strong evidence. She even admitted that she injected the insulin to John Cronin's IV a cancer victim who suffered from tremendous heart cancer). However, Paige put the insulin to make him fall asleep - not to kill him. All the witnesses called to give their side were also against Paige. It was a triggering devastation on my side because I knew Paige was not a total liar - She's a very good surgeon.
The author greatly made a high-paced and snap-crackling kind of novel divulging the best shot of defense at the end of the story when the only and most awaited witness, Dr. Barker came out and gave his outraging stand to help Paige win the case. I thought he was going to put Paige down because he even hated her in the first place.
2. Question :  I wonder why the author did not make a story chapter for the three young doctors to discover each background and past experiences. He just wrote their stories but he did not make them learn their secrets. There must have a setting for the revelation. And I wonder why nobody witnessed for Paige and defended her from the case. It was only Paige who stood for herself and admitted what she did. 
3. Predict: I think that if John Cronin had immediately told Paige about the money and property she would not have been put into prison and suffering. 
And if Paige received the letter earlier, she would not have hoped for Alfred to come back.
4. Connect : Life being a woman doctor is not easy. I have taken note of it - "woman doctor". Most doctors are men and I found it interesting when the three young doctors were involved. I know how it feels to be trapped inside a hospital bearing countless conflict of schedules and shifting. I have also drowned amidst pressures in school and I felt like I can't make a track with my social life. It is somewhat obnoxiously taking a lady's nut in drudgery. I am choleric but I can manage to control my temper. 
The story of the tree doctors is a great realization for me and for other women to be off to discrimination and heartbreaks and on to bravery and new love.  They are examples for me to keep going no matter what.


If the main characters from two different novels could actually meet, who would you want to meet with whom? Why? What would their meeting be like? Use story details for support.

Euthanasia and the Deathly Hallows


he battle between good and evil was over. Paige Taylor's life had changed from a nightmare to a fulfilled dream. She got married with Jason Curtis and they lived happily like no one else could ever drag their fate down. Euthanasia. The operation Paige Taylor had done that put her into prison. It is a process of killing a suffered patient to inject a medicament to end terrible disease. By then, the bed-ridden patient would be lifeless.
Harry Potter got married with Jenny Wesley. They had conquered death and plucked the victory for the Hogwarts. Evil predicament had ended. They were now in peace. Now, Lord Voldemort was gone leaving a tremendous scar for revenge even until the world of humans. He left a remarkable destruction that no one had ever thought of him to come back. . . .

01:15 a.m. the telephone rang. Paige got into her knees as she woke up for her another shift. She hurried on as she picked up her coat and name tag and went to room 45. She almost bumped out as she barged in and took her utensils.
 “Where’s the patient?” Paige asked.
“He’s terribly out of control. We can’t see any fracture in checking his brain and temperature. There’s no problem, I’m afraid” Honey Taft said as she crammed. Paige was perplexed. “Ok let me do it.” She swiftly muttered.
As she got nearer, she removed the patient’s eyeglasses.
“Arrrrggghhh ! uh.. Please help me. I must not be here… my wife.” Harry Potter gasped. For the first time, Paige got her eye caught on Harry Potter’s scar as she tried to touch it with the scalpel. She felt like it was not a natural belonging to be inside an operating room. She felt as if there was a reverberating blast inside her to connect with a supernatural clasp to the patient.
“You’re not a human, are you?” Harry uttered as he was trying to catch his breath from pain. “Please help me out.”
Paige was awestruck. “What are you talking about? I’m a surgeon … and I operate diseases. I. . . I don’t understand. Who are you?” she asked as if she was in stupor.
HE is back!!”As Harry shouted his word, an iron thunder blurted outside the county hospital and a blazing snap dropped Paige and Harry out of their places. They were tumbling and shouting amidst an indescribable light inside a hole. By then, they vanished in a blink of an eye. As they transformed, a light dazzled before their countenance and swiftly blinded their pasts.From a magical and natural life, Paige and Harry met to overcome a demonic world. Paige, as a doctor did not expect something supernatural will happen. And Harry, as a person, not already a witch, has come to a new fight.These characters would join forces as they are going to fight against Lord Voldemort. Harry Potter’s bravery and Paige Taylor’s faith would unite their extraordinary possessions to have Jesus Christ as their weapon. From then on, they would become teen agers, winning souls for Christianity and save people from death.Being a surgeon is not always the best way to heal someone or help him live.  And having magic is not always needed to save humanity. IT is all about JESUS CHRIST – not to make bad people good but to make the dead live. And that is their role, to become transformed humans to introduce the word of God. N o Euthanasia, no surgery, no prisoner’s stone and deathly hallows.  Only the BIBLE.

Friday, December 2, 2011



In Christ alone I can live until eternity...

Even when I experience something bad

I know He has the power to use it for good.

And even when I stumble.. 

His awesome grace catches my soul.. 
( Jeremiah 29:11 )
   I would always claim for this promise ;)

The battle of waiting

        O1:45 p.m. The screeching rays of the sun engulfed my entire humanity as I walked through the exasperating pavement of the university. No matter how hard I tried to cover my skin and cheeks from the scorching blows of sun rays,I could not help but fought again the bursting impatience and complains triggering my choleric temperament. I disliked doing soliloquy. I preferred to to keep silent while pacing on the stony aisles going to my desired destination. i was not a loner. It's just that I used to mull over the things I had in mind and solve them by myself amidst the  presence of people passing by and fro. Some kind of a habit meditating in the middle of an endless noise. The world it is ! I was born to live here... that no matter where I go, there I am.
          I mindlessly griped on my bag strap. It had been my company for a countless 'friendship-holding-hands'. Through making an expressive clasp from this strap, I felt like no one could ever drag me off. Hundred steps, I did not notice. I inevitably sensed something was going to hit me. I stopped. Then, ignored. Though quite exhausted, I kept on striding while carrying the burdened silence. It seemed that everyone's eye was glued at staring at me. Immediately, an aggravating shyness blurted out my countenance compensating over my spine and shattered my adrenaline. 'Why don't these souls stop on observing and talking about me? I'm not famous... and I hate fame.' my mind obnoxiously sounded. Still, I gripped harder and walked as if I was in stupor. Near half an hour passed and the deafening meditation was over. I bid goodbye to my friendly bag strap. As I stopped for a while, the earth suddenly revolved for its changing task. The cloud had driven out the sun elsewhere as I no longer felt its painful pierce from its rays. A new breeze and a swirling mist  assembled to bustle for a rain. Rapidly, they fell as an unstoppable million of warrior descending to conquer an oppressive land. Looking for a place to stand by, there, I witnessed the battle of rain. Staring at nowhere, I heaved a big sigh. I had thought of the things I forgot to reach out.
          Too many weeks I missed to hang out, days to find rest, moments to chat with my mom, hours to pray long and nights to watch the stars. There is a lot of things I had skipped or even had forgotten to dwell on.  I even missed my Facebook account to which I could steal a wee hour of clicking on my notifications and messages during my research periods. Only from reading his replies I spared a time to meet a part of myself. Yes.  Only a part. Because I left the portion of my heart to someone I cannot show what I felt. He had my heart that was what I know. Yet, he cannot totally own it.
          Dealing with commitment without preparation would be the most frustrating stand being a woman. It's to establish a godly standard where a woman is ought to serve with fullness of patience and purity. She must indeed wait for the man she desired to be faithful as well as the man should wait until the most perfect time God has prepared for them. 'I knew it..He's gonna wait for me. He promised to be faithful 'til we graduate... even without constant communication.' " How is he?" I muttered. "When was the last time we saw each other? ..I can't remember. Half an hour ended and I was caught by the wind.
          The battle was over. I could count the warriors dropping on the trees and grasses. They had successfully made an engrossing hush from the struggle of war. What a refreshing existence to meet the ardent hug of  quietness. From then, I stepped out of the little canopy and waved for a ride. I'll go for Fb. I missed it. words that suddenly popped on my mind. I glanced back to the place where I had been a minute ago. The little canopy, the rain, the leaves and the silence. .. But no. I don't miss Facebook. I miss him. As I left, I was trapped on a shadow of nostalgia. The moments I'd experience broke my strength and positive mindset. I managed not to be carried away. But the leaf with the single drop of water flashed back. I was reminded not to send messages to him again. He's already in a relationship with someone else. He forgot to wait for me. He forgot his promises. An abrupt melancholy engrossed my broken heart. I tried to hide the tears yet they could not resist to be imprisoned inside my eyelids. I had also been a prisoner of the past. By then, I let them fall like warriors fighting the hidden pain. No need to hold them back. I had to cry to win the battle. I had to accept we're over.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Smile :)

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.
Nothing is more simple than greatness; indeed, to be simple is to be great.
A simple smile makes everything great.

Simple pose for a big Peace

Even in a simple "wacky ", you make a changing realization-- PEACE
Hate war. Love your foes.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Beauty Secrets

  • Cleanse your heart daily by repentance.
  •  Bathe thoroughly in the presence of God.
  • Apply forgiveness to keep wrinkles away.
  • Stay moisturized with prayers.
  • Sprinkle yourself with love. ( It's the sweetest perfume ).
  • Dash plenty of patience.
  • Remember worry and anger can cause diseases.
  • Faith is the key to aging gracefully.
  • Wear a smile to give your face a perfect glow.

Before and after Encounter

I once was drowning amid burdens ...
studies , heartbreak , family haggle , peer  pressure ...
i felt like there's no way out but to see myself  shackled  by pessimism ..
i didn't know how i could simply mull over the things i considered  a big devastation ..
then i caught  myself running off .. from the pains and sufferings from this world ..

while walking, i decided to grip a moment to look at the sky ..
there .. i saw  the ocean's reflection ..
i gazed and bowed down ..then He waved ..
i  seized a time to stay until  i 'd got the chance to meet Him..

throughout the sunset i deeply knew the reason why we met ..
we shared emotions and exchanged  stares ..
until we hit the end of the earth ..

when i left, my tears feel down ..
yet, i regained my strength heaving a big sigh ..
i didn't notice my soul to utter  words .. words i never thought to whisper after i ENCOUNTERED JESUS !

- The world is sphere and God is here  ♥
 Its not HE who challenges us
but our own selfish deeds that push us to step back
and our OWN problems that tests our faith..
To encounter Jesus is worth living for ..
overcoming burdens and be a conqueror !! -