"Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you" [Matthew 6:33]

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Silent Explosion (A comparative study)

Everything has something behind it. And something is nothing –“unspecified” or unknown, defined by itself. Based on the relative standard of the law of nature, something comes out like a single sprout, and everything started to exist. That is the unique demonstration of existence that something itself cannot define its own characteristic. Throughout the power of sense, a human being contrives varieties of questions out of something which begins from independent perception followed by undergoing observations. As a result, these serve as a bridge discovering the truth behind what is considered the reality and explore concrete answers beyond views which are “only believed as it is”.
Throughout uncertainties underlying questionable types of phenomena, Nicolas Copernicus and Mohandas Gandhi were just one of these human beings who went through painstaking and skilled observations in order to achieve the truth when “something behind a single thing was left unanswered”.
Nicolas Copernicus, a Polish astronomer, amended an arbitrary that the Earth is the center of the universe – which was the long-accepted view conceptualized by Ptolemy. Copernicus went into a prudent scrutiny grasping the chance to undergo further studies with regard to the rampant concept during the old times. By formulating precise analogies taken from practical scheming courses and applied principle of mathematics and philosophy, he affiliated  the focus of his study basically from the Earth’s structure and movement until obtaining the status of its location. Ascribing logical conducts pertaining to the Earth’s regular revolution amidst heavenly motions, it sorted out into driving hints that the Earth itself moves into its own axis accompanied by the outside movements controlled by either force or nature. It is due since the form of the Earth is oblique spheroid considering that it is a flattened surface deceived by the human sight. He stressed out to the basis of Earth’s actuality by observing its co relevance to other bodies including those which are not controlled or driven by the Earth’s motion.
In the latter, his effort made n encompassing result that the sun is the center of the sphere of the fixed stars. Another aftermath revealed the Earth’s distance to other planets which were ascribed if they appeared to be irregular as if they are governed by a center other than the Earth. As the planets happen to appear nearer or further from the Earth, their position might appear to have an irregular movement. Thus, his theory stated that the Earth is not the center as its movement is more probable than its fixity, especially with regard to the daily revolution.
Next was Gandhi’s view about rational discussion and persuasion that these two are effective tools for solving conflicts. Conflicts interceded when both parties do not agree with whatever the situation falls into dispute. For him, reasoning prowess compels an individual’s idea to fall in such a way of being self critical and examining one’s point of view regarding the disputed subject. As he perceived violence is driven and controlled by a situation where inevitable intervention of evil demeanor counteract, he strode to click an absolute way where human kind and heart must be opened instead of letting intricacies and immoralities predominate. He found out every violent situation as the worst thing to be taken up, because violence in its use rejects the rare essence of human soul, to be won over by appealing into others. By realizing this anthological fact, making every opposing subject worse, he made another method called satyagraha. It is a type of spiritual power, to achieve a goal taking rational discussion fall into a calm and critical self-reflection. He called it a great way persisting on a pursuing truth aimed to destruct the barriers of prejudice, ill-will, dogmatism and self-righteousness. It is by touching one’s heart and moving it smoothly not just the mind. “Suffering love” is the best thing to penetrate the opponent’s heart as it forms an inspiring principle of method. In the opposite view of his method, he discovered its value when it did not suited on all humanitarian beliefs and values. His method showed a limited standard implying that some totalitarian systems and mandates undermined the essential significance of satyagraha – that not on general aspects of soul-force could possibly apply its transforming method due to differences of beliefs.
Gandhi’s and Copernicus’ views have a huge and subtle type relationship discerning the best and helping way in discovering something behind everything existing partially opened. Their countless ideas, candid efforts, constant observations and wholehearted dedications are one of kind concerns explaining the truth beyond this intricate world. Their views also adjusted in a reciprocate intercession between each other. In some instances, Copernicus’ theory concerning the real actuality of the Earth, made an enormous impact to the world through “soul-force” application as he sincerely put his effort into calm a non-chaotic way opposing to the heretical belief. While Gandhi’s view of satyagraha is as significant as of Copernicus as humility and open-mindedness bore an absolute answer from exploring an unsettled circumstance.
Their views highly changed the worldview of man as their own understanding to “everything they felt unsatisfied”, encouraged them to exert lots of tactic in order to explore “something they saw as a quite-questionable one.”  When everything happens to exist, whether by belief or conflict, something is designed orderly by God that human beings have to discover it.


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