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Monday, February 27, 2012

To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee [Reading Log Entry # 3]

Part 1                                                         
Reflect - I was awe stricken when I discovered  that Boo Radley  had stepped out of his comfort zone during the night Jem and Scout were struggling from an attack. It was really out of my mind to anticipate that someone-like Boo Radley, who was a man who never got out of his haunted house , would eventually save the two kids from danger. What had happened the night when Jem and Scout were walking in the middle of darkness, was  a traumatic experience. I think, it was more than good enough for the Finch family to believe that Bob Ewell fell on his own knife, instead of suspecting that it was Jem who killed Bob for a purpose of self-defense.

Question - It's still a question for me on how Boo Radley knew that Bob Ewell was to assassinate Jem and Scout. Did he already know in the first place of what was going on the Finch family? Was he always on a watch out for Jem and Scout investigating that he was the main purpose why the two naughty kids were very interested to draw him out? And if he did not come out of nowhere to rescue the kids, could have Scout found a way out of the danger and run for help?

Connect - During my childhood days, I used to hang around with my buddies and seek for adventure without my parents' consent. We went out for ghost-hunting, river swimming, caroling and etc,. Like Scout, I was very inquisitive and sensitive as if I was a Psycho spectator. Even in matters that only adults exclusively do, I never let time to pass by without my tongue to slip off and and make a blasting interruption just to raise a question.
My mind kept on swirling around just to end up interrogating. Not until I aged like Jem when I realized that I was  a meddler.

Predict - I think that Boo Radley would have been Jem and Scout's friends after the incident. Scout would have obviously inquired more and more from her father about Boo's purpose of saving them. And about Bob Ewell's death, his family might have gotten mad and would have possibly made threats on the Finch family.