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Friday, March 30, 2012

Geek Charming by Robin Palmer [ Reading Log entry # 4 ]

Part 1

Reflect : Dylan's attitude is  a must-be-reflected  bring up to most girls around. Being materialistic, self-centered and selfish could eventually mess up everything around you when you keep raging on being like these. Being the most popular individual in school does not require a full-asset show up of rich or beauty.Even in Josh' behavior, someone could possibly pluck fame by using a simple blow of humility. However, if people would only see the hidden things about someone's life especially the popular ones, they are also humans who were just being shaped by emotional longing and real relationship with others.It is a good circumstance for Josh as a film  geek and for Dylan as a public figure to meet each other and discover the meaning of life by forgetting who they are.

Question : Why didn't the two characters end up in a romantic relationship?It was a sad and open ended story that has made me feel life's surprises about love. If ever Dylan had fallen in love with Josh, could their be a possibility that Josh would also try to feel the same way?If Amy did not pursue her schooling in High Castle, could have Josh turned her side on Dylan's?And if Josh was not too humble to ask Dylan to make  a documentary with him,could Dylan change her bad attitude in a way only she could do?

Connect : I can see the world's standard as a deceiving kind of existence.Fame continues slashing all the cause of  simplicity in a room of rejection. Dylan's life made its drive into a simple ending of true living. Without Josh, she would not have known that there are a lot of times being wasted in a world of materialism. Accordingly, being geek like Josh is not an all-about-a-nerd approval. I am a geek. Not a film geek but a life-searcher freak. This story has caught up all the meaning of teenage life. It has made me realize that love in its simplest definition, turns everything in order as long as it sees you totally matured and changed enough.

Predict : Josh might not have changed his perspective without Dylan's presence. And Dylan might not have saw her uniqueness without Josh' simplicity. Josh might have a good relationship with Amy as well as Dylan with Robert. Josh and Dylan may not have ended up in romance but the experiences they have shared would have  probably made them realize that they were truly best friends ever but less than lovers. Additionally, Josh might have reduced using his inhaler especially as he already had Amy who would teach him to breath in a heart-beating way.

Part 2

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