"Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you" [Matthew 6:33]

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


You don't have to drown yourself in a world of complacency
He knows you are still longing for something
You just don't see the signs for a change
Because you think life is all about your drive

When you're bored
you just step out of your room to look for happiness somewhere
shopping, strolling or bar hopping
When you got home
you would say "I've fun"
then later on 
you catch yourself all alone

Inside your room all you can hear is stillness
You cant sleep 'cause you just don't know why
If  a question comes out of nowhere and ask, 
"Are you happy?"
Then you'll answer
"Yes,I am."
And ask again,
"Do you want something more than what you've experienced before?"
Then you replied,
"Off course!"
Then "You're not happy."

Whatever you do
you are contented
but no matter how hard  you strive to look for something greater
you still see yourself  seeking..

As a human being
you just exist - you don't live
Why? because your life is only driven by your choices
Why don't you just CALL HIS name and shout,
"Lord, I want an extraordinary life.Contented,loved and HAPPY!" 

For how many years of your existence
You live a midst "questions,pains, frustration, rejection and loneliness"
What God wants for you to enjoy life is to SEEK for HIS love
You failed to call HIM because you are satisfied believing He exists
but after all, you don't know why you exist..

You know what? 
You keep on seeking for something invisible because you've ignored His voice
 JESUS is the only answer for your countless questions
He died for you
because you are a sinner
you rejected Him
you spat on His face
you nailed Him on the cross!

And now
He is waiting for your decision
a decision to accept Him inside you heart- more than before
Let Him consume you
And let HIM offer you the best of your life
surrender Him you future
 If you do
You would no longer ask for an extraordinary HAPPINESS

Let that "blank spaces" be filled by HIS love
Let His hand reach you out
Let His comfort embrace your soul
Let His presence be your refuge ...

He knows your weaknesses
He knows your limits
He can put everything upside down
He can stretch anything inside out

Let JESUS take control of your drive.... 

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